Ellie Son


Ellie was born in Korea. Growing up, Ellie got to experience the best of modern Western medicine and Eastern medicine. Upon immigrating to New Zealand, Ellie pursued her love of Eastern Natural medicine, graduating from the  New Zealand College of Chinese Medicine in 2006, majoring in Acupuncture and Tuina massage.

Ellie is experienced in treating a wide range of health problems, including treating pains anywhere in the body, burns, digestive issues and women’s health.

Ellie resides in West Auckland, where she is raising her family. Ellie is a active member of the community and her church. Ellie has volunteered her skills and expertise in church and in Maraes, helping improve the community members' health and well-being. Ellie has a warm heart helping others with functional limitations, and seeks to provide quality treatment to the community of her adopted home.