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Physio/Acupuncture free treatments under ACC

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Physiotherapy Auckland Oratia

Our highly trained physical therapists are committed to providing the most personalised, integrative, and effective treatments available. We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence by staying abreast of recent developments in our field through education. Every patient is treated with compassion and respect in a professional and caring environment.
There is no GP referral necessary for either ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation) or private physiotherapy treatment and new patients are always welcome.


Regular Fee on ACC claims:   FREE

Request for Extension of Treatment (ACC32):   $10.00


Initial Treatment New Patient:   $50.00

Subsequent Treatments:   $40.00


Regular Fee on ACC Claims:   FREE

ACC Claim Registration by Physiotherapist:   FREE


Acupuncture (1 hour):   $70.00

Acupuncture (30 minutes):   $40.00

Cupping (20 minutes):   $20.00

Moving Cupping:   $30.00


Acupuncture During Treatment:   $2.00

Taping During Treatment:   $3.00

Taping Only (No Visit) with Own Tape:   $10.00

Taping Only (No Visit) without Own Tape:   $15.00



All fees payable at time of consultation


There is no GP referral necessary for either ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation) or private physiotherapy treatment and new patients are always welcome.  Visitors or tourists to New Zealand are covered by ACC for treatment of any injury sustained while in New Zealand.


If you have had an accident and need treatment for injury, you can claim for treatment and rehabilitation therapy with ACC.  This includes sports injuries, workplace injuries, home injuries, car accidents and all pre and post surgical injuries.

Do I need a Doctor’s referral?

No doctor’s referral is necessary in most cases.  We can register your ACC claim directly on your first visit. If you are claiming for occupational overuse injury (sometimes called Occupational Overuse Syndrome: OOS or Repetitive Strain Injury: RSI), you may need a doctor’s referral to claim ACC.

Medical Insurers and Health Insurances

If you have any Health Insurance such as Southern Cross, Life Direct or Accuro – just to name a few – are you getting the full benefit for your money? For instance, Southern Cross Wellbeing Care covers 100% of all physiotherapy fees – ACC surcharge and private included. Most other policies, including the most common one Southern Cross Regular Care, cover 80%. Also, many companies cover their employees for physiotherapy treatment. Check with your employer. Some companies do require a GP referral before treatment, so check your policy to see the specific terms of your provider.

ACC Provider

We are an accredited ACC provider, certified by HDANZ. We provide a wide range of services, including one to one physical training, for both injury rehabilitation and sports conditioning. Come to us before you start training, and we can help you get stronger faster and avoid injury.

We will design an exercise programme as part of your treatment if desired. Our physiotherapists will assess your particular needs to put you on the path back to full mobility and a pain-free life.

Now Free Acupuncture on all ACC claims. 

No Surcharge. No doctor’s referral necessary.

We actively involve our patients in their own healing process. We believe this teamwork approach promotes early recovery and a faster return to full mobility and pain free function.

Have you been searching the city for a quality physiotherapist? You’ve come to the right place. West Auckland Physio is one of Waitakere’s premiere clinics. Our team provides a wide range of physio services including manipulative therapy, rehab exercise therapy and acupuncture, always with your specific condition in mind. Whether your problem is the result of a chronic condition like arthritis, a sports injury, workplace mishap, car accident, or recurring headaches from ergonomic, or postural problems, we can help you achieve greater mobility, a faster recovery and a pain-free life.

At any time our physiotherapy clinic is filled with athletes and non-athletes alike ranging in age from 10 to 95. Our patients are recreational and elite athletes, business professionals and manual labourers, computer programmers and avid gardeners. We treat the fit to the not so fit, acute and chronic ailments, spinal, muscular and joint injuries. 

We provide a friendly, supportive and professional atmosphere and, before we start your physiotherapy treatment, we listen because we understand that no one knows your body better than you. We work with you to restore mobility, strength and function, so you can return (you) to your normal work and leisure activities.

Physiotherapy Auckland Oratia

West Auckland Physio Team

Paul Gumbley, MPNZ, DipMT – Physiotherapist
Paul graduated from Auckland University of Technology and went on to complete postgraduate training in manipulative therapy. He has a particular interest in elder care, chronic pain conditions and biomechanics in relation to posture and movement. Paul worked in private clinics and hospitals in Canada before returning to his native New Zealand, where he opened West Auckland Physiotherapy in 1993. He has played rugby for Auckland Suburbs, and enjoys squash, cycling, skiing and distance running.

Mark Grimstone MPNZ, DipMT – Physiotherapist

Mark has 25 years working as a musculoskeletal sports physiotherapist both in New Zealand and Australia. He has been a physiotherapy consultant to soccer, rugby and rugby league clubs during this time. He has postgraduate qualifications in sports physiotherapy and acupuncture. He specialises in soft tissue pain problems and sports injuries, and enjoys working with patients who have problem injuries and getting them back to their sport as quickly as possible.

Andrew Chen – Acupuncturist

Andrew is a NZ trained acupuncturist with a background in Chinese acupuncture. He specialises in musculoskeletal problems and neurological disorders as well as treating digestive problems and weight control. Andrew is fluent in both English and Mandarin.

Bei Li Yi, BHSc ACU – Acupuncturist

I first started my career in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2006. I have a keen interest in women’s health and use various acupuncture styles in combination for best results. Bei Li has a special interest in the area women’s health, pain relief and internal problems. She is also trained and conversant with using a wide range of traditional Chinese practices such as cupping, abdominal needling, navel and balance needling.

Bei Li also works with a wide variety of clientele, both men and women, and can help those who are trying to quit smoking, lose weight or manage and reduce pain or cope with depression or insomnia using a modern style of acupuncture for a pain free simple life. Bei Li is also fluent in both English and Mandarin.

Catherine Gambaro, MPNZ, DipMT – Physiotherapist

Catherine graduated from Auckland University of Technology with her BHSc (physio) and received her Postgraduate Diploma in Manipulative Therapy and Postgraduate Certificate in Acupuncture from the University of Otago. Catherine can provide musculoskeletal physiotherapy as well as acupuncture. Her particular areas of interest and expertise include pain management, exercise rehabilitation and core strengthening.