There is no GP referral necessary for either ACC ( or private physiotherapy treatment and new patients are always welcome. Visitors or tourists to New Zealand are covered by ACC for treatment for injury.

How does ACC treatment work?

ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation) ( covers the medical costs for accidental injury. This includes sports injuries, workplace injuries, home injuries, car accidents and all pre and post surgical injuries.

Whether you are a New Zealand citizen, resident or a visitor or tourist to New Zealand, if you have had an accident and need treatment for injury, you can claim for treatment and rehabilitation therapy.

Do I need a Doctor’s referral?

No doctor referral is necessary in most cases.  We can register your ACC form directly on your first visit.

If you are claiming for occupational overuse injury (sometimes called Occupational Overuse Syndrome (OOS) or Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), you may need a doctor’s referral to claim ACC.

Surcharges or co-payment on ACC: Until 6 September 2011, initial appointment surcharges and follow up appointment surcharges will be only $5.00.

Private Physiotherapy Treatment Rates

$50.00 per visit for private treatment – $60.00 for the initial visit.

Private Acupuncture Rates

$50.00 per visit – $60.00 for the initial visit.

Southern Cross Medical (

Some Southern Cross policies cover you for physiotherapy and rehabilitation exercise – check your policy to see if yours covers physio treatment.

Other Medical Insurers
Many companies cover their employees for physiotherapy treatment, check with your employer. Some companies do require a GP referral before treatment. You need to check your policy to see the specific terms of your provide

Pilates (Courses) Fees

$15.00 per class