Eugene Zhuang


Eugene graduated AUT in 2018 with a BHSc in Physiotherapy. He believes that to better understand injuries and pain, you not only need to learn about it, but you have to experience it as well. Having a background in competitive Muay Thai Kickboxing, martial arts, and sports, Eugene has had his fair share of injuries. Hence having an understanding through the perspectives of both a health practitioner and a patient!

Eugene has experience in treating a range of clients, from athletes, post-surgical, elderly, to the average weekend warrior. He aims to provide a patient centered holistic approach, employing a combination of hands on therapy and exercise based strengthening. Eugene feels that rehab must be tailored specifically to individuals, as no injury is exactly the same.

He strives to work with the patient to overcome the common barriers seen between effective rehab in different settings, aiming to return them to their sports, work, or lifestyles