Stefan Pahl

“I came to West Auckland Physiotherapy because I had a sore back and leg pain.

I used the acupuncture procedure the pain has gone in my leg and gone from my back.

It really works.”

Stefan Pahl20.07.2016

“I received acupuncture from Beili for my knee problem but basically my body felt out of alignment. Due to treatment my knee and leg feel much stronger. The pains in my fingers have gone and my whole energy levels have increased. Highly recommended west Auckland physio.

GloriaMt Albert
Si Chong

“I received physio treatment sessions with Paul and I really happy with the treatment. Paul is very experience and he easily tackles my issue and pain.

After couple of sessions I am good to go. Really satisfied and delighted with the treatments.”

Si ChongKelston
T.N. Thomson

“I have received treatment from Mark (for Back) Paul (for Knee) for my back and knee problems on separate occasions. The back issue I had it for 3 years and the knee issue for 10 years. The treatment for my back resulted in massive reduction of pain after only the 1st consultation as well as greater range of movement and my knee after years of pain and discomfort during and after certain exercise regimes improved significantly. Less pain of knee able to bend in position not reached in over 10 years.”

T.N. Thomson16th July 2016

“I have problems with my shoulder/neck for a while. Have had acupuncture & physio. Found that the acupuncture released much of my neck/shoulder pain, the pain has reduced. The movement of neck and shoulder has improved.”

S PILLAY2nd July 2016

“The initial injury I sustained was almost 18 months ago, during which I have had continual sensations of pins and needles in my right hand. The feelings diminished remarkable after my first acupuncture treatment and have improved even further over the subsequent 2 treatments. I have also found that I have an increase in energy levels and my sleeping patterns have improved. This coupled with the physiotherapy sessions have made me far more confident that I will fully recover, which in turn has reduced my stress levels.

I also think Beili has a warm manner and I found her to be very approachable, and considering that I can be anxious about these things it was very reassuring to be in such capable hands.

Thanks Beili!”

WILLIAM CRAIG14th June 2016